South Side Art Crawl!

As many of you may know, I live and work in Pittsburgh, PA where south of the Monongahela River in the summertime is thrown “South Side Art Crawl” – coffee shops, restaurants, and galleries participate in showing off work from local artists; pretty neat! One of the things I love best about Pittsburgh is its openness to the arts (of all KINDS, by the way), not to mention the fact that it’s terribly affordable be an artist in the first place. Trust me: there are few starving artists here. I should know; I gained 20 easy pounds when I first moved.

Anyhoo, paintings from several employees were put up for the weekend (shout outs to the work homies, Patrick Landeck and Jeremy Beightol) at my day job, Utrecht Art Supplies. Quite a nice setup, and it was neat to see all my pieces hung up side-by-side and 10-feet high:

IMG_1767 IMG_1768 IMG_1770

Some good fun had by all! I only wish I wasn’t working through pretty much the whole crawl, making it difficult to see what was going on in the other venues; that’s sort of the way of working, I suppose!

Many thanks to the South Side Art Crawl leaders for making it possible!

(Were you there at South Side Art Crawl? Who’s work did you see that you loved, and where else do you love to go in town that does different gallery crawls? Comment in the doobly-doo and let us know!)


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